Ramalan Bintang hari ini in the horoscope to day

1. Aries Sheep.The symbol of fire is the main stars ... Like anything new, adventurous, intrepid, representing the body: the head
2. Banteng Taurus . The symbol of land hard ... Posesif, calm, relaxed, materialistic, loving, representing the body: neck and throat.
3. Gemini Twin Children . Symbols wind quickly changed ... clever communicate, love obey conscience, change, love to investigate things, smart, representing the body: lungs, arms, hands
4. Cancer Crab . The symbol of water is the main stars ... more fun at home than traveling, shy, sensitive person, very careful, representing the body: the belly and chest
5. Leo Lion .The symbol of fire .the property rights, self esteem, power, love of children, passionate, able to work well when alone, representing the body: the heart and backbone
6. Virgo Virgin . land Symbols Quick change, Suka consider matters in detail, often feel worried / anxious, like with the things that are practical, intelligent in thinking, like make, clean, perfeksionis, representing the body: large intestine
7. Libra symbol .weighing wind ... stars ... the main steam and bond with the wedding, Pertemanan, diplomatis, happy to entertain other people, fair, representing the body: kidney
8. Scorpio scorpion .or Elang Symbols water . Hard Giat, like with the things associated with death, regeneration, responsible, like the things that are pure / original, including the Mafia in the constellation of all stars, representing the body: sex organ
9. Sagittarius Pemanah .The symbol of fire Quick change . like the truth, religion, philosophy, philanthropist, declare love, full of spirit, the more the logic of feeling, adventurers, representing the body: back down and thigh
10. Capricorn Goat . The symbol of land that the main stars ... like things that are practical, not emotional, quiet, tidy, restrained, like cheating, like the power, reliable, representing the body: nothing
11. Aquarius water Penuang .Hard Symbols wind . I never take sides, like working in teams, like friendship, love the things that are not normal, loving, independent, warm, representing the body: pinggul and calf
12. Pisces Fish .The symbol of water . Quick change taste, easy to accept, understanding, easy to be affected, representing the body: the legs and feet

If you have the opportunity to help him, do it. If you have a chance to achieved this, lakukanlah.Jika you have the opportunity to mencintainya, never miss the opportunity