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Ramalan Bintang hari ini Harus sesuai dengan aspek astrologi
Aspect is an essential part of modern Astrology. When the planet moves in orbitnya encircle the sun, they form a relationship between a planet with the planet with the sun as the other center. Relationships are called aspects. This aspect is in the circle with the numbers such as 1,2,3,4 so that it forms aspects such as conjunction (0 degrees), opposition (180 degrees), the triangle (120 degrees), carpenter's square (90 degrees) and so on. When the two form one aspect of the planet, energy and nature, and integrates their work at the same or the opposite. For example, if two are on the planet opposite side of the sun (earth), they will contradict each other.

Aspects can be divided into three main categories:

1. Empatis Aspect Aspect empatis aspect that is stressed or unify the two energy planet. Conjunction (0 degrees) ... two zodiac planet at the same point is a conjunction. Nature they melt into one ... .. Opposition (180 degrees) ... the two sides are on the planet-the opposite side of the zodiac. They can attract each other or pull-apart, depending on the nature planetnya.
2. Aspect hard angle-right angle (90 degrees) and semi carpenter's square (45 degrees). They describe the challenges, obstacles, and violence. They provide the meat and potatoes in our lives. If the majority can prevent flow of life, if too little can cause life to become weak.
3. Aspects of the soft triangle (120 degrees) and sextile (60 degrees). Soft aspects bring calmness, clarity, and provides a view on our lives. We can see, understand, and understand what is happening. If too little softer aspect, which means we do not know what we do or what happens in our lives, whereas if too much, will make our lives even, too smooth, and less loud.