Major Arcana Tarot Card of the Greek To Day

Major Arcana cards consist of 22 cards that are numbered from 0 to 21. Cards prepared from ignorance to know that feeling intact.

Fool or stupid person be given the number 0 or not given the numbers symbolize ignorance and not aware of the surrounding world.

This is a card that symbolizes keluguan. While the world or the world given the number 21 symbolizes a whole.

Each card represents only one step in every way to understand things.

0 or Si Bodoh Fool - fool, is a vagrant who dare. He has been seen before and go say what he think. Positive aspects associated with keluguan, the beginning of a new, excitement, ketidaktakutan, and spontaneity. Aspect that is less negative thinking, immaturity, easily influenced conscientiousness, less responsibility and often illegal.

1 Wind Magician or Magic - magician represents someone who has ambition and a new opportunity. He has a determination that extraordinary, but often dominated by emosinya. Positive aspects associated with self-confidence, individuality, determination, a new beginning, and potential self. Negative aspects related to fraud, deception, lack of feeling pity, indecision, abuse of power.

2 High Priestess or Priest Women's - high priestess was a secret room. He keep things secret until the time came to reveal the secret. Positive aspects associated with the intuitive, feeling of understanding, wisdom, mystery, psychic ability, and feminine. Negative aspects associated with the lack of maternal feeling, restlessness, secrecy, hidden obstacles and enemies.

3 Women's Empress or Emperor - Empress is the symbol of love, fertility, and motherhood. He symbolizes the feelings of compassion and loyalty. Positive aspects associated with fertility, birth, motherhood, harmony, nature, prosperity, happiness, love, ambition and art. Negative aspects associated with domestic upheaval, scandal, too Protective, poverty, Infertility, pregnancy is not desired, and the emphasis on logic.

Emperor or Caesar 4 - emperor is a sign of an achievement and honor. He symbolizes kebapakan sense and strong leadership. Positive aspects associated with the control, authority, protection, support, reliable nature, discipline, provider, consolidation, the intellect, and determination. Negative aspects associated with weakness, immaturity, failed ambition, the status of a stimulus, ruthlessness, and the nature.

5 Hierophant - hierophant is the symbol of law and moral condemnation. He is also a spiritual leader and advisors. Positive aspects associated with the suggestion, that's wise, spiritual consolation, the knowledge, identification, loyalty, suitability, and traditions. Negative aspects associated with the wrong information, less faithful, coil, a bad suggestion, feeling confused, perplexed and leadership.

6 Lovers or The Lovers - lovers represents a new breath of life. They are symbols of love, loyalty, and spiritual Pertemanan. Positive aspects associated with the desire, new lovers, relationships, physical interest, love, sex, and commitment. Negative aspects, namely lust, moral aberration, obsession, insecurity, discord, failure in love relationships, and loss of emotional control.

7 Cheriot or Train Activists - cheriot the conflict and the victory. He also represents a stimulus-stimulus foreign interest you quickly. Positive aspects associated with success, movement, change, self-confidence, firmness, and good news. The negative aspects of anger, cruelty, ego is too bounced, egoism, boastfulness, delays, feeling frustrated.

8 Justice - this means the card of justice, honesty and balance. The card also affect relationships with colleagues and legal issues. Positively related to justice, truth, integrity, balance, decision making, responsibility, and honesty. Negatively, related to prejudice, injustice, the assessment of bad, biased, and bad advice.

9 Hermit or recluse - a hermit penyendiri figure, someone looking for answers from other people. He describes the moment of peace and quiet. Positively, related to introspection, silence, guidance, advice, and patience. While the negative aspects associated with stubbornness, sense of distrust, fear, impatience, ignorance, and hubris.

10 Wheel of Fortune - Wheel of Fortune is a symbol of fortune, which continues to rotate toward a new era. He represents pengacakan of life and what will come to you. Positive aspects associated with the destiny, the movement, views, success, a new cycle, and penyelarasan. Negative aspects of the barriers, which are heaviness while, and surprise-surprise that is not fun.

11 Strength - this card shows the determination you have. He symbolizes the power of emotional, physical, spiritual and related to the atmosphere. Positive aspects related to the strength, determination, sense haru, patience, encouragement, success, and resilience. Negative aspects associated with excessive compensation, fear, laziness, defeat, loss of opportunity, and entropi.

12 Hanged man - hanged man represents self-sacrifice and not a conscious thought. He is the symbol of the blind of the required on the situation at that time. Positively associated with the transition, flexibility, regeneration, and redemption. Negative aspects, namely materialism, ego a rebound, a lack of willpower is strong, easily affected, and martyrdom.

13 Death or death - this card is a symbol of deliverance and pemulaian. He symbolizes the totality both early and late. Positively related to some end, transformation, cleaning, and changes in the worm. Some negative aspects related to stagnation, loss of opportunity, loss Pertemanan, and fear change.

14 Temperance - this is the card itself and penjauhan themselves. This symbolizes the ability to handle situations and emotions that flare up. Positive aspects associated with harmony, health, attitude is not excessive, compromise, peace, and self-control. Negative aspects associated with the impatience, lack of a view of the future, conflict, strife, and strife in the people.

15 Devil - devil is a manifestation of a primary instinct. Strong emotions and thoughts of carnality and devour cause loss of self control. Positive aspects associated with the permanence and commitment. Negative aspects associated with lust, greed, ignorance, anger, brutality, and obsession.

16 Tower or Tower - tower fall shows stability and destruction of all things. He represents change, upheaval, and the changes that are not desired. Positive aspects associated with the re-assessment, important changes, and the implicit blessing. Negative aspects associated with the sudden change, destruction, chaos and disaster.

Star or Star 17 - star-ray or a work light that penetrate the darkness. She symbolizes a new confidence, hope, and keremajaan. Positive aspects associated with hope, benevolence, ketentraman, expectations become a reality, good health, and spiritual awareness. Negative aspects associated with the self-doubt, lack of trust, cynicism, and pessimistic attitude.

18 Moon or Moon - moon is a card that represents the hidden emotions. He gives light to all directions. This represents a difficult journey and not mulus. Positive aspects associated with the imagination, possibilities are unpredictable, and lighting. Negative aspects associated with fear, feeling confused, the burden of high emotion, the lie, and fraud.

19 Sun or Sun - sun illuminate everything, give warmth, life, and happiness. The sun is a light at the end of the darkness and is a source that is expected by all. Positive aspects associated with happiness, greatness, enlightenment, vitality, good health, love, and completeness. Negative aspects associated with an incorrect assessment, delay, failure, ego and a rebound.

20 judgment - judgment-the time when the award. This is the card acceptance and wisdom. This card represents the phase-new phase in the life and relations with the new self. Positive aspects associated with the regeneration, happiness, remission of sins, the potential for new, award-and the efforts of the award. Negative aspects associated with feelings of guilt, sense of loss, self-blame, procrastination, fear, and stubbornness.

21 World or the World - world is a final, coming all the desire that you expect. This is the beginning and end of the dream, hope, and prayers. Positive aspects related to the completeness, satisfaction, fulfillment, happiness, wholeness, and success. While the negative aspects associated with the stagnation, lack of willpower, impatience, and delays.